Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Song of Drums and Shakos Solo - The Setup

The Austrian Officer (Major Waldheim), captured while spying during the King's birthday parade of IR 41 von Wied, is held captive in a ruined cottage. The Austrians immediately launch a rescue operation. Six picked men from Regiment Nr. 14 Salm-Salm are joined by group of five Carlstädter Likaner. The Croats are to act as guides to enable the force to secretly infiltrate the Prussian lines which they had carefully reconnoitred during the last two days. The detachment is commanded by Hauptmann Kreisky of Salm-Salm.

Rules: Song of Drums and Shakos [SDS]from Ganesha Games
Scenario: Number 3 from the rulebook ("Assault at the farm")

Defenders (Prussians of IR 41, 402 points):
1 x Officer (Hauptman Beskow)
1 x NCO (Feldwebel Kunkel)
11 x Füsiliere ("Line Musketeer" in SDS)
1 x Captive (Austrian Major Waldheim)

Attackers (Austrians, 518 points)
1 x Officer (Hauptman Kreisky)
1 x NCO (Feldwebel Hölzel)
6 x Line Infantryman
1 x Grenzer NCO (Unteroffizier Laducic)
4 x Grenzer/Carlstädter Likaner

Special Rules: SDS assigns two special rules to the Grenzers/Carlstädter Likaner. "Light" - they move quicker through difficult terrain (woods). "Marksman" - their shooting is deadlier up to medium range (120mm).

Here's the Setup (click on pictures to enlarge):

The Austrians approach, Salm-Salm on the right, Carlstädter Likaner on the left.
Five Prussian, including the NCO and four men guard the bridge. Wait! There are only four of them on the bridge ... Where's number five? Ah, over on the left, between the rocks. A human want has caused his absence ...

The captive held in the cottage. He still has his Sponton. Men of honour, obvoiusly.

Hauptman Kreisky's tactical approach:

He divides his force in two groups: Group 1 ,Salm-Salm, with the seven soldiers and himself move out of the wood and fire a volley at the bridge guards. At the same time, Group 2, the five Carlstädter Likaner run towards the bridge to engage in close range musket fire and hand-to-hand combat. Group 1 follows immediately.

Let's see, how this turns out ...

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