Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rules for Skirmish Games

Trooper Dragoner-Regiment von Normann [Nr. 1] (Front Rank)

The Berlin SYW 28mm Project is picking up speed. As of today, eleven gamers plan to built skirmish forces. Time to take a look at some rulesets that could be used:

Black Powder (Two Hour Wargames)
Song of Drums and Shakos (Ganesha Games)
Sharp Practice (Too Fat Lardies)
Triumph and Tragedy
Legends of the Old West
The Sword and the Flame variant "The Sword in the Forest"
This Very Ground
Legends of the High Seas [Thanks to Sir Godefroy]
Gloire/Among the Warparties [Thanks to Sir Godefroy]

Further suggestions and comments are very much appreciated.