Friday, January 28, 2011

Song of Drums and Shakos Solo - Part 3

Two Prussian Fusiliers fire their muskets with little effect, two others move to hinder the Austrians from rushing towards the ruin. One of the Prussians in close combat stands up again and fights, the other conducts a powerfull hand-to-hand-attack but gets knocked down himself

The Austrians wound the fallen Prussian thereby taking him out of the game and knock the other one down. The two Austrians on the right side of the photo team up in their attack on another one: The first Austrian knocks the Prussian of his feet, the second finishes him of with a well placed bayonet stab! Nasty, but effective ...

The seventh Prussian Fusilier is out of the game. Morale Check for the Prussians! They are now under half stregth so each model has to check.

The Prussians lose their nerve and flee towards the ruin! Only the valiant Fusilier Friedrich Karl Hartnacken stands his ground

The Austrians had three models left to activate and could have chased the Prussian but failed and play passed to the Prussians.

The Prussian successfully regroup! But Hartnacken who desperately tried to hold his ground despite all of his comrades fleeing is now overwhelmed by the Austrians and wounded

Was it a good idea to regroup towards the enemy, Hauptman Beskow? Wouldn't it have been more effective to regroup towards the ruin for added protection?

Things look bleak for the Prussians but maybe one spirited counterattack can turn the tables ...

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  1. ... come on waiting for part 4.

    Just bought SDS, now I'll have to buy some SYW figures.