Saturday, January 22, 2011

Song of Drums and Shakos Solo - Part 2

Feldwebel Kunkel is attacked again. At least the other Prussian Fusilier got out of the firing line. Aus dem Weg, Kunkel! Aus dem Weg!

Kunkel wounds another Croat. The Austrians press on with all their men!

The Feldwebel finally realises that he blocks the firing line and successfully disengages off to the side. The Volley from six Fusiliers kills the Austrian Sergeant who leads (lead!) the attack

Austrians rush forward to engage in close combat. The Prussian Fusilier on the bridge is wounded and out of the fight. Brave lad!

The prussian first rank stops the attack, one Austrian falls to the ground. The second rank reloads immediately

The Austrian player realises that the situation looks desperate. He decides to use three dice for the activation of the forward group of six men. A risky undertaking. If he gets two failures (i.e. not rolling 3+), play immediately passes to the Prussians again. But he gains three actions! Maximum success!

The Croat on the bridge jumps on his feet again and knocks out Feldwebel Kunkel with a well aimed shot! The Musketeer on the bridge also fires and instantly kills the Prussian near the tree. The Austrians go into the close assault again with powerfull attacks. One of the Prussians falls down and another is instantly killed!

Wow! An all-out-effort by the Austrians. Three Prussians out of the game at once, one of them a Sergeant! Hauptmann Kreisky obviously picked the right men for this mission.

Will the Prussians still hold their ground? Let's see ...

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