Saturday, March 19, 2011

Song of Drums and Shakos Solo - Part 4

Part 4 is here at last! After suffering for nearly 3 weeks from some kind of diabolic flu, I finally managed to write the fourth and last part of this solo gaming report (click on the pics to enlarge them).

The Austrians activate a group of three Musketeers to run past the Prussians and toward the ruin. Two more Musketeers move forward to attack the Prussians. One of them is knocked down.

Prussian counterattcks are ineffective and the Austrians reach the ruin. The Prussian guard keeps his eyes on his high-ranking prisoner and fails to react to the movements behind his back.

The Prussians fight with desperation and knock down two more Austrians.

The knocked down Austrians both manage to stand up again! The Grenzer attacks the Prussian guard in the ruin who, so far, successfully blocks the entrance.

Now I checked if the Austrian Officer who is held prisoner in the ruin takes advantage of the situation by attacking the guard from behind. I rolled 3 dice for activation. 2 failures! No activation. The Austrian Officer seems to be a man of honour!

More Austrians join the fight and one Prussian gets knocked down and another one is wounded and out of the game.

The Grenzer at the ruin attacks the Prussian guard, is beaten back and falls to the ground. But what is this?! The Austrian Officer attacks the guard from behind and wounds him with his spontoon! Dirty deeds done dirt cheap! Meanwhile the Austrian Musketeers move in on the Prussian Officer who vailiantly manages to knock down one of his enemies.

Game over! Surrounded by more enemies than he and his remaining comrade can handle, von Beeskow surrenders to the Austrians.

A fast and fun game! I hope to post my "First Impressions" of this SDS Solo game sometime soon.