Thursday, March 3, 2016

Honours of War - St. Ulrich Solo Game - Part 6

Turn 6 (click pictures to enlarge)

1. Move commanding generals:
The prussian commanding general, has no game function stays on the bridge.

The Austrian CiC moves to be able to encourage the cavalry as well as his Dithering brigadier
The hit status of the troops is as follows:
Prussians:  Dragoons 0, II/IR41 1, Composite Btl. 2, 12pdr 0.
Austrians:  Cuirassiers 0, I/Kaiser 1, II/Kaiser Done For, Salm-Salm 1, 6pdr 1.

2. Movement Initiative:  Prussians win. Roll of 6 +1 = 7 versus Austrians 3 +1 = 4.

3. Movement:
The Prussians decide to move first. They want to move forward, away from the river. The river is classed as impassable and if a unit cannot complete a forced retreat move due to impassable terrain, it is eliminated.

3.1 Prussian Infantry: Dashing, roll of 1 results in 'Steady'. Both infantry batallions march forward and to the left. The 12pdr pivots a bit to the left and forward (counts as moving).

Both prussian infantry batallions march forward

3.2 Austrian Infantry: Dithering upgraded to Dependable due to the CiC nearby, roll of 4 results in 'Steady'. I/Kaiser remains stationary. Salm-Salm moves the full move forward. The gun manhandles forward.

3.3 Prussian Dragoons. Dependable, a roll of 5 results in 'Steady'. They move to protect the flank of the infantry and change formation to single line.

3.4 Austrian Cuirassiers: Dependable, a roll of 2 results in 'Steady'. They change formation to double line and move forward to protect the gun. 

Situation afer Turn 6 movement
4. Firing Initiative: Prussian roll of 4 +1 = 5 versus roll of 3. Prussians win.

5 Firing Phase:
5.2 The prussian Brummer, nearest target I/Kaiser. Standard artillery, - 1 moved (it pivoted) , -1 target classed as superior, roll of 3 -2 = 1 results in NO EFFECT.
Prussian composite bataillon, nearest target I/Kaiser, standard, - 1 moved, -1 target classed as superior, -1 long range, roll of 3 -3 = 0 results in NO EFFECT.
Prussian II/IR41, nearest target I/Kaiser BUT Salm-Salm, not being rated superior, is easier to hit and therefore selected as the target. Standard, - 1 moved, - 1 Difficult Target (less than half of the btl. is within the firing zone), -1 long range, roll of 3 -3 = 0 results in NO EFFECT.

Damn! No hits for the prussians this round. Things may start to fall apart ...

The firefight on Turn 6

5.1 Austrian 6pdr fires cannister at II/IR 41, superior, -1 moved, roll of 2 +2-1 = 3, 1 HIT.
Salm-Salm at II/IR41, Standard, - 1 moved, - 1 Difficult Target (less than half of the btl. is within the  firing zone), -1 long range, roll of 5 (maximum!) -3 = 2 results in 1 HIT (II/IR41 now has received a total of 3 hits).
I/Kaiser at Prussian composite batallion, superior, -1 long range, roll of 5 (maximum again!) -1 = 4, 3 HITS !!  The prussian composite batallion goes from 2 hits +3 to 5 hits, DONE FOR !

Command Casualties: Prussian Brigade Commander, roll of 3, no effect. Reactions to Firing: Prussian composite batallion routs towards the bridge.

The situation at the end of turn 6 - the Prussian composite batallion routs towards the bridge

6. Melee: -
7. Rally:  No rallies (the last remaining hit on a unit may never be rallied off).
8. Army Points lost:  Prussians:  1     Austrians:   1

Turn Commentary
The prussian fire was bad, the austrian fire excellent (they rolled a 5 two times).The prussian composite batallion is DONE FOR and II/IR41 now has received a total of 3 hits. Both austrian infantry units have one hit each.
The situation for the prussians looks desperate ...

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  1. I'm enjoying your report on the battle and the rules. Thank you, Zieten!