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Honours of War - St. Ulrich Solo Game - Part 5

Turn 5 (click pictures to enlarge)

1. Move commanding generals:
The prussian commanding general now represents von Meyernicks replacement, rated as Dithering [who therefore cannot encourage brigadiers and possibly enhance their command performance and who cannot rally of the one additional hit. In addition, command results of 'Amirable' or 'Inspriring' are reduced to 'Steady' on a roll of 1 or 2 (rulebook p.13)].
He is useless, has no game function and moves onto the bridge.

The Austrian CiC moves to his right to continue to encourage his Dithering brigadier.

The hit status of the troops is as follows:
Prussians:  Dragoons 0, II/IR41 2, Composite Btl. 3 (red die, reforming), 12pdr 0.
Austrians:  Cuirassiers 0, I/Kaiser 1, II/Kaiser Done For, Salm-Salm 3, 6pdr 1.

Movement of commanding generals in Turn 5

2. Movement Initiative:  There is a lot at stake now! Who gets it?
Prussians win ! Roll of 2 +1 = 3 versus Austrians 1 +1 = 2.

3. Movement:  The Prussians move first.
3.1 Prussian Infantry: Dashing, roll of 5 results in 'Admirable, a DOUBLE MOVE.

"Wait, my dear friend!", the austrian player intervenes, "Your CiC is a replacement and Dithering. On a 1 or 2 on a d6 'Admirable' or 'Inspiring' is converted to 'Steady'.".

The prussian player rolls ... a 3 ! All is well for him. II/IR 41 is moved back next to the other batallion, which due to 'reforming' has to remain stationary.

 IR 41 is moved back next to the other batallion

3.2 Austrian Infantry: Dithering upgraded to Dependable due to the CiC nearby, roll of 5 results in 'Steady'. Salm-Salm, having 3 hits, is moved back 15 cm to better be able to rally. I/Kaiser moves forward.

I/Kaiser, superior infantry, galantly advances

3.3 Prussian Dragoons. Dependable, a roll of 5 results in 'Steady'. They move to protect the flank of the infantry.

3.4 Austrian Cuirassiers: Dependable, a roll of 1 results in 'Poor'. They are not allowed to move and change facing in place.

Situation after Turn 5 movement

4. Firing Initiative: Prussian roll of 1 +1 = 2 versus roll of 4. Austrians win.

5 Firing Phase:  Only the guns are in range.
5.1 Austrian 6pdr fires cannister at II/IR 41, superior, effective range , -1 moved, roll of 2 -1 = 1, NO EFFECT.
5.2 The prussian Brummer, nearest target I/Kaiser. Standard artillery, - 1 Difficult Target (less half of the btl. are within the guns firing zone), -1 target classed as superior, roll of 3 -2 = 1 results in NO EFFECT.

No hits, no command casualties. There are no Reactions to Firing. 

6. Melee: -
7. Rally
The Prussian composite bataillon at the bridge rallies of 1 hit. With now 2 hits it has comleted reforming and the red die is changed to green. II/IR41 reduced to 1 hit.

Salm-Salm rallies of 1 hit plus 1 additional hit for being within 5 cm of the commanding general and only 1 hit remains.

Turn Commentary
With a double move, the exposed prussian batallion quickly retreated. The austrian Salm-Salm, not as quick, also moved back. Were it not for the prussian double move, I/Kaiser may well have kept the pressure on them could have fired a volley and prevented rallying.
The command rules came into play here, as the prussian player had to "confirm" his double move and wasn't able to rally off one additional hit.
Neither side was willing to to risk or 'blow' the cavalry at this stage. This is especially true for the Austrians as the cuirassiers, albeit rated as superior, might possibly lose the melee and then it would be 'game over' for them, having two units Done For.

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