Sunday, January 24, 2010

The King's Birthday

Today, the 24th of january, is the 48th birthday of King Friedrich II.. In his honour, IR 41 Graf Wied zu Neuwied performes a birthday parade (click the pictures to enlarge):

The outer perimeter is guarded by the Feldjäger-Korps zu Fuß:

Look into their watchful eyes !

IR 41 arriving on the parade ground in march column:

Turning to form line:

Line formed !

Inspection of the troops by the Inhaber, Franz Carl Ludwig Graf von Wied zu Neuwied:

Gun Salute ! Performed by a 12-pdr. "Brummer", manufactured 1720:

"Ein dreifach Hoch auf den König !" (Three cheers to the King!):

"Achtung!" Austrian spies!

Freikorps Musketeers are vigilant:

"Halt! You are under arrest!"

"Run, Herr General-Feldwachtmeister, run!"

"Who have we here?! .. Well done, soldiers!"

"Well done, Oberst von Schlappstein. An excellent parade and a captured austrian officer. I will mention you to the King."

Do the Graf von Neuwied and Oberst Schlappstein know, that there are Croat Grenzers in the area? The Austrian General-Feldwachtmeister will surely order a rescue operation!

Thanks to Jim Purky (Der Alte Fritz) and Bill Protz for inspiring me to use my miniatures for more then just gaming! Thanks to Chris for the photos of his beautiful Feldjäger miniatures.


  1. Very nicely done scenario and well painted figures. Welcome to the enjoyable world of the mid 1700s and, maybe, to Imagi-Nation Europe.


  2. Herr General Zieten,
    Deinen arbeit ist ganz gut. Danke schön und vielen glück.
    I hope I politely said, "Your work is very good. Thank you and good luck."
    It's been three plus decades since my last German language classes at my university.

  3. A very pleasant and promising debut!
    The 'incident' is a nice idea to justify a skirmish-sized game.

  4. Thanks Jim and Bill.

    Bill, I immediately understood; no translation necessary. Your german is very good, for a frechman ;-). You've certainely recognized, where the inspiration for this fancy marching came from?! When I've painted 26 more figures, I will do it properly; in three ranks, that is!


  5. Looking forward to your progress. Just curious how long you'll stick to skirmishes before giving in to the 'real deal' of 18th century warfare. ;-)

    SG aka AntiP