Friday, January 8, 2010


Austrian Infanterie-Regiment Salm-Salm (Nr. 14). All miniatures Front Rank. Flag hand-made (and purposely oversized).

Each figure is mounted on a square steel base, 20x20mm. The larger 40x40mm wooden base (laser-cut, 3mm thick, manufactured by Litko) has self-adhesive magnetic sheeting attached to it and can act as a movement tray for four figures.

By using this system, I have the option to use the figures for skirmish games for which individualy based figures are the norm. I can also use larger movement trays then the 40x40mm ones I use now, if the need should arise.

Litko also offers movement trays for tightly packed figures on round bases by now. They are called 'Rank Trays' and are listed under the heading 'Jim's Product Lab' (they also offer 'Skirmish Trays', but on these trays, the figures are not grouped as closely together as on the rank trays). I haven't tried this system but it may well be that the transition between the edge of the tray and the base of the individual figure might be a problem, especially if you plan to use thin round bases (washers) for your figures. But as i said, I haven't tried it or seen them with my own eyes, so they might as well be a good alternative.

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