Monday, August 7, 2017

Die Kriegskunst - Test Game

An invitation to a game from someone who can set up a 10' x 6' table, owns TWO sizable armies for the War of the Spanish Succession and knows the Die Kriegskunst rules? Yes!

 The Smoke of the first shot of the combat disperses and three Riders
of my opponent were unhorsed by that little 4-pdr. firing cannister!
A failed morale test forces the cavalry to retreat ...

My Center and Right Wing. We both had
an additional Brigade on our other wing.

 Looking gooood ....

Cavalry Action on the right wing. Inconclusive!
Note the riderless horses running around

My impressions of the rules and the game:
-  the rules worked well, no disputes. For me the command system had the right "stiffness" (we treated both sides as Prussians for command. They have a big advantage in this regard).
-  both players operated cautiously, had respect for one another, i.e. the other sides firepower (namely the artillery; 8 guns on the table; Cannister hurts)
-  the game felt veeeery  Seven Years War. Beautifull armies, enough troops (albeit the big infantry clash did not happen), adequate terrain, two lines of infantry, no Grand Batteries, good atmosphere.

A big thank you to my fiend tattergreis for this invitation. I look forward to our next game, a deliberate attack/defence action to get to a decent infantry clash ....


  1. A smart looking game!

    Best Regards,


  2. Thank you,Stokes! I will forward the compliments to the one who deserves them.
    And by coincidence, believe it or not, today I have just read you CWJ, Issue 2, article "Your wargaming blog seems interesting enough, but where are the tabletop armies to go with it?". Good stuff! (140 figures painted)

  3. Great looking game, love the impressive last picture!