Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Rare Victory

We met for battle in our ongoing war between Kingdom of Knobelland (tattergreis) and the Duchy of Rodenburg (Imperials, me).

The scenario was "Threat to a Flank" from the book "Scenario for all Ages" by Grant/Asquith. The rule used were Bill Protz' "Batailles de l´Ancien Regime" (BAR).

The basic idea is an attack across a river supported by a flank attack (click pictures to enlarge).

The Set-Up (Knobelland)

In the foreground are the forces of Knobelland. The flanking movement of two bataillons and a Hussar Squadron is visible on the right and already countered by a similar movement on the opposite side; all part of the scenario.

The view from my side of the table (Rodenburg)

As the enemy troops crossed the bridge, I deployed into firing line

I was reminded by my opponent to use the required marching drill to preserve the order of companies within the Bataillon. Company # 1 must always be on the right side of the Bataillon! Traditions must be honoured! 

... so it had to be done like this


By crossing the bridge, the enemy entered a real killing zone

The Cavalry also attacked (Norman Dragoons), but were repulsed

Finally, the enemy was forced to retreat across the bridge

Now it was time for the Knobelland main force to advance for an all-out attack
(viewed from Rodenburg side)

Heavy fighting ensued. The Altmark Artillery had exhausted its ammunition; no more Cannister rounds:

The Climax: Knobelland Grenadiers assault the hill;
staunchly defended by Grenzbataillon Plekzy-Gladz

The unbelievable happened: Plekzy-Gladz held its ground! The Grenadiers repulsed! They took to flight the Bataillons arranged behind them, total confusion reigned. The first Victory in Battle for the Duchy of Rodenburg!

A close game. Highly dramatic. The BAR rules worked well in the background. A great afternoon with a tough, gentlemanlike buddy. What more can you ask.


  1. This looks like fun! I haven't seen models knocked over as casualties for donkeys of years - takes me back.
    This period and the whole imagi-nation fever thing really appeals but we are still very engrossed in Napoleonics.
    Happy New Year,

    1. Happy New Year, warpaintjj.
      Yes, fun it was. In respect to casualty removal we heard a similar comment from a Napoleonic gamer at the table during play. Seems to be that all Napoleonics gamers HAVE to take the figures away to create at least some room for maneuvering ;-).

      Colourfull and great loking games you and your mates put together. I'm impressed.

  2. Wonderful pictures and minis! A very nice AAR...

  3. A very particular set with the combined attack and highly exciting how you developped the battle - thanks for giving us such good ideas!