Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Don's Prussian Brigade

My friend DonVoss has 'suddenly' painted (a habit he is famous for) three small bataillons of Prussian Infantry, 8 Hussars and one gun with crew.

The miniatures are from Crusader with the exception of the commander and the gun (Foundry). The Hussars, depicting H4 von Puttkamer Hussars, are a wild mix of Perry-Hussars, french officer-horses and converted plastic-horses. (click pictures to enlarge)

Don's Brigade in line

Infanterieregiment Nr. 25 von Kalckstein


von Puttkamer Husaren (Nr.4), note the neatly painted sabretache

The line of battle, Infanterieregiment Nr. 16 Graf zu Dohna in the foreground

Within our gaming group, a small number of Austrian, French and Prussian bataillons, aproximatley ten in total, are now completed. Definetly not enough to play army level games. DonVoss sugested to use the "This very ground"-rules in the meantime. A good idea!