Saturday, June 12, 2010

Schwerer Brummer

I just love this gun model (click the picture to enlarge). It depicts a 12-pdr.-Gun, manufactured in 1720. From the battle of Leuthen onwards it carried the nickname "Schwerer Brummer" or "Heavy Growler".
You can see that the wheels of the gun are at shoulder-height compared to the 28mm figures (Gunners and Officer Foundry) standing next to it. The gun really looks heavy.

I purchased the model here in Berlin from the well-known shop Berliner Zinnfiguren. Go to their website and search for "Brummer". It is actually a 30mm model, completely assembeled, and is available for € 28,- plus p&p. A lot of money! But as they say: He who can afford Foundry figures might as well buy expensive guns.

Many thanks to "Der Alte Fritz" for making me aware of this fine models. Have I mentioned that the shop also offers a pontoon wagon and even a field forge?! Excellent stuff.


  1. Hello Z

    For a minute there I thought you said the gun cost E$28 but of course that must have been a slip twixt finger n thumb, surely?


  2. Hi paintpig,
    no slip twixt finger! Twenty-eight Euros (€ 28,-). You might call this expensive, but wargaming is definetly a cheaper hobby than, for example, riding a motorcycle, isn't it?