Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hussar, Regiment Gorcy, raised 1757 (Front Rank miniature)

Our friend Jan decided to add a Württemberg detachment to our skirmish forces. Here's what he has to say about it (click the pictures to enlarge them):

"In the first years of the SYW the German Reicharmee didn't have a clear and established light infantry/skirmishing doctrine (or even troops trained for this kind of warfare). Therefore skirmishing units were drawn together from several different regiments e.g. Line Infantry, Cavalry and even some German non-army Jäger were recruited.

The 1. Light Infantry unit of the Württemberg Army you see on the pictures constists of:

  • Officer and Musketeer from the "Württemberg Garde zu Fuss" (raised 1757)
  • Two supporting Gorcy Hussars (raised 1757)
  • Two Grenadiers (in 1757 still part of the "Württemberger Garde")
  • Two recruited Jäger from the Swabian population

I chose a Württemberg army because I was born in Swabia and therefore got interested in how they fared in the SYW. As I discovered the story behind the Württemberg army, it was very interesting and fascinating to read and the beautiful uniforms sealed the deal for me. Next one more Jäger, one more infantryman and hopefully some dragoons."

From left to right: Officer and Musketeer from the "Württemberg Garde zu Fuss", two Grenadiers (in 1757 still part of the "Württemberger Garde") and a Jäger (recruited from the Swabian population). All miniatures Front Rank.

Musketeer and Grenadier of the "Württemberg Garde zu Fuss"